[Tweeters] Sunshine brings yardbirds

Joseph V Higbee jvhigbee at hotmail.com
Sat May 8 19:17:13 PDT 2010

It seems like they were just waiting. On Thursday afternoon the Black-headed Grosbeaks arrived. At first there was a male and female then later two more males and the female went into hiding. Later on the first American Goldfinches arrived.
Early Friday I watching for a Western Tanager and sure enough one came through the yard and lit for about 2 minutes across the street before continuing on. No others yet. No pictures yet.
Later I saw a Yellow-rumped Myrtle Warbler, only the second one here in six years. No picture so I took another of the Audubon's instead. Didn't help, still disappointed. After that I carried the camera around the rest of the day and all day today.
Paid off! Today I had a first ever in the yard Nashville Warbler. I had a couple of usable shots out of the 50 or so I took. Saw it several times so was able to use both lens. It was fairly tolerant but when I pushed too hard it was quick to disappear.
Then just before lunch a Warbling Vireo made a brief appearance. Second one of those since I have lived here.
The Chipping Sparrows have been here for over a week but today they seemed to become truly resident.

Finally, it feels like spring!

Joseph Higbee
Spanaway, Wa
Mailto: jvhigbee at hotmail.com

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