[Tweeters] Ocean birding 14 to 15 of May

Ruth Sullivan godwit513 at comcast.net
Mon May 17 09:28:24 PDT 2010

Hello Tweeters,
,I spend another 2 days birding to Tokeland and Saturday all day in Ocean Shores.The weather was both days great.
It shifted in Bottle Beach, there where fewer Red Knots and more Dowitchers and more Western ,but I stayed not
long time ,since I birded this place few days prior.Acosta only had one pair of Cinamon Teals and some Gadwall
Ducks. I played the tape for the Virginia Rail, and after I QUIT PLAYING,HE WAS STILL CALLING,and than he had to
see who was calling, he stood on the main road looking at me for about little over a minute. ,this is the place where you have
a chance to seeing this species. A Turkey Vulture circled overhead.
Up to Tokeland. The tide was high ,and the group of Godwit's shrunk to 70 birds,there where 4 Red Knot on the
jetty with the 20 Western Sandpipers. I walked behind the gray house ,the other side of the Jetty there was sitting
45 Whimbrel and on the grass where 5 Ruddy Turnstones in bright breeding plumages ,and 2 Willet's sleeping, also there
where quite few Savannah Sparrows in the grasses around the Marina.
Next day I Started in Bowerman Basin looking for some Warblers, and since it was early I was not disappointed,
I started of with 2 Marsh Wren,and there was singing,had a chance to taken few photos Common Yellowthroat where
also calling and was seeing.Orange C. Warblers and Wilson Warbler was moving along.I had a good start and I did not
see anything exiting on the pond so I moved on to Ocean Shores.
I started at the Sewage ponds, what was closed ,looking to the fence I could see only 2 Gadwall Ducks and 2 Mallards
Next to the new Public Access ,across the water Tower,where we had the King Eider,It looked pretty abounded only 5 Surf
Scooter and a Great Blue Heron in the small pond.Iwent behind the Sewage ponds looking for something different,but all what
I can see was more Surf Scoters and 1 lone Red- throated Loon.I walked the beach thurs the back where the wetlands are
most of the time you can find Shorebirds there having all the main islands with Grass and long spits where the birds sitting in high tide,
There where few birds I saw ,maybe the many Dowitchers where the ones I wanted the Long-billed Dowitchers there where 75 birds
With a group of Western came some Red-necked Phalaropes,there looking so cute the way there swimming around and around,
So I watched this birds for a while,still looking as I saw 2 plovers standing up on one of the spits way on the other side.It was to far to get
photos,so I decided to wall way to the left to enter the other side,but it was hard to walk,since there was so many little pond in between.
Patrick did this one time when we found a breeding plumage Stilt Sandpiper,but this was Patrick and I AM Always worry that I get stuck
in the Mud,so I abounding this idea,and hoped something would happen.I waited being entertained by all the many Shorebirds flying in,since
the tide was getting higher.I heard the Dowitchers calling and the call was loud sharp KEEK.tHE plovers start getting active,and after
Waiting more 15 minutes there lifted and almost over my head calling there call chu-wheet flying thurs the Ocean.There was no point to staying
any longer,so I went to the other side of Toung street but I accessed it from the Public access going right and there is no water to worry.
Here was the largest amount to of Shorebirds I had.Watching this birds so close on the beach as if you can step on them.
Here is what I counted Western Sandpipers 350 birds.Most all in breeding plumage,Red-necked phalarope 75 birds ,Dunlin (partley in
breeding)450 birds. Than the Long-billed Dowitchers flying in I was under estimated the amount there where over 100 birds .I took some
nice photos of this birds,but now came another surprise,this bird stood out the way he walked,always staying on the edge of the large pond going one way and repeated this behavier the whole time I took Photos.It was an Adult going in to breeding plumage A GREAT BIRD TO WATCH SEMIPALMATED Sandpiper.Locking to all my photos I might
have 2 birds.This is a great place to watching Shorebirds.Last year Gene Hunn and George Gerdts had a 2 Hudsonian Godwit.I was so tired but feeling so good.

Cheers Ruth Sullivan

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