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Activity is now at around 175 ounces of nectar per day, however, with
inclement weather the activity goes up up. It is still a very worthwhile
time to stop by and see things. I expect it to be busy through the end of
May, slowing down in June, and picking back up in July. I will try to post
weekly updated via tweeters (not twitter).

What to expect: You will most see Rufous Males and Rufous Females. Calliope
have been known to migrate through (April-May Time frame?) but I have not
personally seen any, usually one reported sighting a year or so. A few
different Anna's Hummingbirds have been actually banded in different years,
but none seen this year. Please let me know if you see anything

An often mistake made is thinking that the "green ones" are Anna's. In most
cases (99%+), they are simply female Rufous. Female hummingbirds can be
more difficult to identify between species.

The best time to see the most activity is just before sun set. Cold weather
and wet weather tends to drive the birds to the feeders, many of which are
protected from the inclement weather.

Flowers in bloom: Currently there are no flowers in bloom, except that the
Red Flowering Currant is blooming. That will probably likely change in the
next few days. You can see Lupine, Davidson's Penstemon, and Penstemon
starting to show signs of life, but are not ready for blooming just yet

To get to my house, from Seattle, take I-90 Exit #54. Take a right,
immediately come to Hwy 906. Go straight. Come to a three way stop that is
generally ignored, but please do not ignore it. Go straight. Road will
curve to the left and down a hill. I will curve back right as the road
flattens out. My house is the third house on the right, a blue gray house,
with a fire hydrant teepee in front. The address is 571 Hyak Dr E. (Google
Maps may still have it as 69 E Hyak Drive, as the County changed the
numbering system). If travelling in one car, you may use the visitor
parking spot that is located on the left side of the driveway. If coming in
a larger group such as an Audubon Field Trip and parking on the side of the
road, please be cognizant of traffic. The speed limit is 20 mph which I
hope you will respect, but quite often there are others that will come by at
30-40 mph or more.

By popular request a Sugar Box has been placed behind the NWF sign near the
entrance of the path to the garden.

PRESENTATIONS - I am available to show my power point presentation, "How to
Attract Hummingbirds" to your group. Please contact me for additional

Chris Caviezel


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