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Hans and Tweeters:

I am also interested in reports of W. Scrub Jays sightings in W. WA. 


Ann Marie Wood

Mountlake Terrace, WA

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I believe that I started the current Western Scrub Jay reports. After seeing two at Point No Point last month, i asked how far north their range had expanded in Washington State. I apologize. if I have offended anyone. Personally I would appreciate all further reports and if desired, please respond to me off-line. It depends on where you live, but I have only seen one in Federal Way in the last 21 years. Please do let me know, if you have observed them in this neighborhood!
To me - and apparently other Tweeters - the range expansion of this species is of interest. I can understand, that anybody living south of here, where Western Scrub Jays are more common, has no interest in reports of sightings in other part of the state. I have a simple way to deal with e-mails I am not interested in: hit the delete button!

Hans Feddern
Twin Lakes/Federal Way, WA.
thefedderns at gmail.com

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