[Tweeters] Re: 45 Years of Scrub Jays - Right on the Mark

Blair Bernson blair at washingtonadvisorygroup.com
Thu Nov 11 09:32:26 PST 2010

I very much enjoyed reading Wilson Cady's 45 year
look back on birding in the area. I first came to
Seattle in 1972 from the Bay Area (where of course
scrub jays were plentiful) and recall the chases
to add rarities such as white pelican, great egret
and of course "scrub jays" to my state list for my
new state. All of those birds were unusual and
not ever guaranteed. What was not unusual and was
guaranteed at that time was seeing California
Quail and Ring Necked Pheasants on EVERY trip to
the Montlake Fill and it was also pretty regular
at the right time of year to see short eared owls
at Sand Point and even, again, at the fill. I
have not seen a quail or a pheasant at the fill in
years and cannot remember the last time I saw a
short eared owl there or at Sand Point. On the
other hand, as many have reported, the scrub jays
have been at the Fill this fall. Birding is
neither static nor linear and that is why many of
us find it so fascinating. And along that line, I
think it would be interesting (and probably
humbling) for us to make a Prediction List - Birds
of the Fill 2055 - indicating what we would expect
to be seen there at that time. May not even be a
Fill around by then of course, but if so...the
only certainty is that there would be some
surprises - familiar friends gone and new friends
arrived. I won't be around to check on the list
and just hope that whatever technology replaces
tweeters etc continues to flame the passions.

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