[Tweeters] West Point White Birds

Brad Waggoner wagtail at sounddsl.com
Tue Nov 16 17:33:07 PST 2010

Hi David and all,

I'm thinking you likely had swans this morning. From Fay Bainbridge Park
on the northeast side of Bainbridge Island I observed four very distant
low-flying swans heading south over Puget Sound at about 7:30 AM or
perhaps even a bit earlier. They looked to be closer to the King County
side of the sound and obviously there was no way for me to tell whether
they were Tundra or Trumpeter.

I sea-watched until about 9AM. With last nights very strong winds I
hoped for some sort of tubenose but was rewarded with a CASSIN'S AUKLET
instead. The alcid show was fairly decent and included 6 Ancient
Murrelets. Now if only I could figure out a way to get paid to sea-watch
I wouldn't have to run off to work. No telling what might fly by with
longer searches of Puget Sound.

Cheers and good birding,
Brad Waggoner
Bainbridge Island
mailto:wagtail at sounddsl.com

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