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Sat Nov 20 10:16:58 PST 2010

Yesterday (11/19) I again saw hundeds ( near 1000 ) of Snow Geese over Everett, just north of downtown. About 4pm as it was getting darker out. The sky was briefly full of broken Vees of geese headed NW. Lately I've felt like I live in the Central Flyway - at least the flyway central between Snohomish and Skagit counties. Most of the birds I've seen this month have been headed NW -from the nearby valleys I presume. At any rate, alot of Snow Geese over town this week.

Also yesterday ,along the Lowell River Road I saw a single Raven, just outside the Everett city limits, being extensively harrassed by a Red wing Blackbird. At the nearby River Road Ponds (as I call them) saw a pretty female Kestrel eating something atop a post. Kestrels are regular along this road but not really common. Shopping for trees lately at Harndens Nursery (which is on the floodplain below Lords Hill, I've seen a Snipe or two on each of three visits. The wet fields in one area of their back 40 is apparently Snipe heaven.

Another enjoyable seasonal treat is seeing the emergence of the Cascara trees around the swamps of Everett, and in the woods in general. Most of the year they're lurking about among the other greenery unobtrusively but now are glowing in their lowland fall colors of bright yellow/gold and are plain to see in the landscpe.

Jeff Gibson, Everett Wa
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