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What a great sighting for Redondo. I'll have to check the Kent/Auburn CBC records, but I don't remember that species on our count, a rare visitor! Good to see those Black Scoters as well. I've been scoping that big flock of Scoters from Dumas Bay, but they have been too far away to ID any Black Scoters. Have been seeing some White-winged at Dumas Bay among the Surfs.

Thanks for the sighting and photos
Adele Freeland
Federal Way WA
maamfree at comcast dot net

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There was a single Long-tailed Duck at Redondo Beach late today at the far
end of the boardwalk with a group of about 100 Golden-eyes and Scoters. I'm
not sure if it's a juvenile or female, but I was able to get a photograph.

Randy Bjorklund
Federal Way, WA
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