[Tweeters] Anna's male and other snow bird photos

Christy RJ christyrj at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 23 21:19:45 PST 2010

Hi Tweets,

I've enjoyed reading about everyone's bird sightings with the snow. I agree that the birds are moving around. I also enjoyed reading about the Anna's Hummers that are hanging around!

Speaking of Anna's, a male has commandeered my feeder and been in charge of it for well over a month now. When I arrived home from work yesterday, he greeted me vociferously and flew straight at me before stopping abruptly and hovering mid-air a few feet away. Then he landed solemnly on the pruned butterfly bush a few feet from the feeder, effectively drawing my attention to the feeder so that I would see that it was covered in snow, rendering it inaccessible (thus the scolding I received, no doubt). I brushed it clean and was scolded again for my efforts, but he feasted and soon resumed chasing off any other interloping hummers. I brought the feeder in overnight because it was beginning to freeze. He was waiting for me on the butterfly bush first thing this morning before the sunrise when I went out to hang it up again, and he buzzed me frantically a few times. I wasn't sure whether he was welcoming me with appreciation or chasing me away as a threat - how dare I have stolen his food the night before!

I have been enjoying his company greatly the past few weeks, and especially the past few days. I've taken a few opportunities to photograph him, and spent considerable time out in the cold yesterday, stalking him at a discreet distance or else hiding with my long lens behind the grape vines that cover my entry way.

Housebound with the snow and getting cabin fever already, I thought I'd get outside my own space by sharing this little story along with links to some of the pictures I've taken the last couple of days. They are best viewed as a slideshow, if you have the bandwidth.

If you don't get enough of the Hummer from this one set, check my Flickr site for a few more sets of other days of shooting my little pink-headed pal.

I also went for a walk in my neighborhood this afternoon and was delighted to encounter Varied Thrush and Hermit Thrush in abundance, so there's a link to those images, too.

I think I dreamt about my Anna's all last night, and prayed he would make it through the night. I'll be doing that again tonight. So cold out!

Happy birding, everyone!

~Christy Jobe
in Kenmore
christyrj at hotmail dot com
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