[Tweeters] Clark County Birds of Late

Tyler Hicks tyler_hicks at wsu.edu
Thu Nov 25 12:34:06 PST 2010


Hello all. I've been doing a little birding around the Clark County region over the past week.

Highlights have been as follows:

N. Pygmy-Owl - 2-3 seen daily on Nov 23, 24, & 25th along Cedar Creek

Hybrid Yellow-shafted/Red-shafted Flicker - Nov 25th at our feeders (Ridgefield) bright yellow underside of wings and rectrices, red-moustachial stripe, and peach colored face of yellow-shafted (looked more Yellow-shafted than Red-shafted; Does anyone know if Yellow-shafted traits are dominant?)

Varied Thrush - Nov 23-25, many along Cedar Creek

Townsend's Warbler - Nov 23, in yard at Ridgefield

White-throated Sparrow - Nov 23, Ridgefield feeders (finally left after the cold-snap)

Snow Bunting - Nov 25, cooperative Ridgefield NWR bird

Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch - Nov 23, flock of 13-15 birds along Cedar Creek

Have a great Thanksgiving,

Tyler Hicks

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