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For your field guide, I recommend Birds of Southern South America and Antarctica, by Martin R. de la Pena. I used this book for several years on trips to southernmost Brazil. Advantages: lots of species (over 1000). Good range maps. Compact size. Decent illustrations. Disadvantages: Usually only one view per species. The layout is tricky to use. A typical plate has around 15 species, keyed by number to text on an adjoining page. It's sometimes hard to locate the illustration that goes with the text. Range maps are together at the back of the book. I got used to that, but I know it frustrates some folks.

This book is available on Amazon. You can see a lot more opinions there, pro and con. It's not in the same league as Sibley or National Geographic, but it's still pretty useful. I wore out one copy.

Randy Smith
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I'm going on a climbing/sailing trip to Tierra del Fuego next February and
will be doing some travelling in other parts of Argentina too.

Can anyone recommend a field identification guide, and also a bird finding
guide to Argentina?

Thanks in advance

Richard Isherwood
Port Townsend WA
Rjisherwood at gmail.com

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