[Tweeters] Frustrating Golden Crowned Kinglets

Blair Bernson blair at washingtonadvisorygroup.com
Fri Nov 26 15:43:26 PST 2010

Spent a little time this morning at the Fill.
Ponds devoid of birds as there is still a lot of
ice. Lots of birds in the Lake but too far out
and/or poor lighting so could not distinguish
beyond mallards, buffleheads, gadwall and widgeons
and a couple of mergansers. The fun, and
frustration, was with foraging flocks of little
birds along the tiny creek separating the Urban
Hort "backyard" and the fill itself. Lots of
bushtits, black capped chickadees and both Lincoln
and Song sparrows and also quite a few wrens
including both Bewicks and Pacific (winter) which
made for a three wren day with a marsh wren found
near one of the ponds. Also at least two warblers
- a yellowthroat and a Townsend's. But the
highlight for me was the most golden crowned
kinglets I have ever seen in one place. There
were at least 8 and possibly twice that many
moving through the brush. For about 5 minutes the
sun broke through and provided brilliant views of
these very pretty (and very small) little birds
including spectacular views of their golden crowns
scintillating in the sun. But as hard as I tried
and it was VERY hard I could not get a single
picture as these hyperactive foragers bounced from
perch to perch to my left and right and up and
down. Getting a photo of this bird was a specific
goal of the weekend so I am feeling pretty
frustrated. Will be back tomorrow to try again.
BTW there also was a red tailed hawk, a merlin and
a pair of adult bald eagles.
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