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Mon Nov 29 13:07:26 PST 2010

Hi Tweets

I used to know one of the curators at the Museum of Anthropology years ago,
and one day, when there was a very photogenic male Pileated Woodpecker
hanging off the side of one of the totem poles, I suggested the Museum take
some photographs to show a beautifully mirrored relationship between art and

I should have remembered she was a curator concerned with preservation and
prevention of damage---no matter that, in actuality, woodpeckers have been
landing on and working on totem poles since the first day that there such
poles on which to land. The response was a rather chilly 'I don't think so'.
It was an interesting collision of differing perspectives.

Michael Price
Vancouver BC Canada
loblollyboy at gmail.com

Every answer deepens the mystery.
- E.O. Wilson
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