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For what it's worth, yesterday there was a single snowgoose with 20 or so Canadas at the 10th. St. boat ramp.
Greg Toffic
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Yesterday morning (11/10) as I was walking to the neighborhood coffee shop here in north Everett I heard the familiar call of Snow Geese high overhead . There were about 100 or so way high up headed SE over downtown. On Halloween I also saw a small Vee of Snow Geese over downtown Everett (about 70 birds) headed NNW toward the Skagit. The night before I was going out to the beer cooler behind the Anchor Pub (on the Everett waterfront) when I looked up just as a tight Vee of large white birds passed overhead in the starry sky headed NW. I just got a brief look but they were too broad winged to be gulls. Do geese or swans fly about at night ? Any auditory evidence was missing as a southbound freight train was going by about 20 feet away from my ears.

Last year seemed to be a banner year for Snow Geese in the lower Snohomish Valley where I saw flocks in the 1000 + range several times. Maybe this year also.

Jeff Gibson, Everett WA


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