[Tweeters] Black-billed Magpie, Fall City

Pete Fahey peterfahey at comcast.net
Sun Nov 14 05:27:31 PST 2010

Scott: I can't see why not, it is only about 15 miles as the magpie flies.
I don't imagine there are two of them flying around Snoqualmie Valley
wondering where they made a wrong turn. I went back about an hour later to
get some pictures, and could not re-locate the bird. I did a little
searching, going across the river and out Neal Road, and up W Snoqualmie Rd.
to Carnation.

Pete Fahey
Issaquah, WA

On 11/13/10 10:53 PM, Scott Ramos wrote:


Wonder if this might not be the same bird I saw a couple of weeks ago
(Oct 31, 1:30 pm). Driving north on W Snoqualmie Valley NE, about a 1/2
mile south of Crescent Lake, a magpie flew from the woods on the west,
across the road, in front of one of the red barns, then out into the
fields. I stopped and turned around; the bird did not and was not seen

Scott Ramos


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