[Tweeters] Golden Plovers W90?

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Hello Lewis,

It is difficult to see much of the fine detail in your photo, so identification in more difficult. However, if it has a white belly (Black-bellied Plover with a white belly!), relatively short legs, relatively shorter, thicker beak, and found at Samish flats in November through February, often with Dunlin , it much more likely to be a young or nonbreeding Black-bellied Plover. I have often seen them in the fields at this time of year.

Dan Reiff
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Hi all

We spent a rather dismal day at Fir Island and West 90 yesterday. We saw the usual hawks, eagles and falcons. Items of note was 1 Northern Shrike at the boat launch and 1 on Maupin Road where it bends to the north. There also was a cooper's hawk keeping watch over the game farm! It was sitting right on the fence over the top of the pheasants. I guess it was looking for an escapee!

The biggest suprise was a small flock of plovers accross the street from the West 90 parking lot - in the muddy field. They were very hard to pick out against the mud. They blended in very well. So my question is - can anyone tell if they were black bellied or perhaps one of the golden plovers? Here's my rather bad photo - with the low light and constant drizzel the photos were not as good as I had wanted them to be. Reply's can be public or private - I'm sure others are interested in this as well. I first thought they were red knots so ignore the photo link name!

http ://s255. photobucket .com/albums/hh152/DDLewis1/?action=view&current= redknot . jpg

I also have to mention that we have a scrub jay and a mountain chickadee at our feeder in North Bend

Thanks for the help

D. Lewis

North Bend

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