[Tweeters] fw: A Finchy Day on Mt Spokane

Terry Little terry at crossoverchurch.info
Sat Oct 2 13:14:35 PDT 2010


I had a good morning on Mt Spokane.

Above the parking lot to the Mt Kit Carson trail, there was a mixed flock
of birds that inclued many juncos and siskins, but there was also a flock
of about 10 Evening Grosbeaks and one juvenile Pine Groasbeak. Pileated and
Hairy Woodpeckers were also seen

Along the park road above the CCC cabin, a female Dusky Grouse was seen as
well as Steller's Jays, Clark's Nutcrackers, many Townsend's Solitaires,
and a few Mountain Bluebirds.

In the grassy fields below the summit were several large flocks of Horned
Larks and American Pipits. Mixed in with them, were three Lapland
Longspurs. At the very top of the mountain in the Vista House parking lot
were three Gray Crowned Rosy Finches.

On the way back down the mountain, I birded Holcomb Rd. In a hedgerow that
is nearly always loaded with sparrows, I noted 3 Lincoln's Sparrows and one
Golden Crowned Sparrow in among the numerous Song and White Crowns. Red
Crossbills were also in the area.

Making a brief stop at the Peoene Wetland, I easily relocated the Great
Egret that has been present since last Tuesday.

Mt Spokane could even be better after this next cold front blows through.
The first week of October last year yielded Rosy Finches, Snow Buntings,
and Pine Grosbeaks. The snow wll fly soon.

Terry Little

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