[Tweeters] Lewis's Woodpecker "invasion"-- further thoughts

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Lewis' Woodpeckers also nest in various other places in Yakima County, including along the Tieton and Naches Rivers in the mixed cottonwood-oak riparian areas, in older burns in various places such as near the Middle Fork Ahtanum Creek and the old Mud Lake Burn off HWY 410, as well as in plain old open ponderosa pine woodlands in the Wenas. I am sure this pattern probably repeats itself in other counties in eastern WA as well.

If this has already been mentioned, forgive me. I didn't keep all the old e-mails regarding this topic.

Jeff Kozma


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I would expect that Lewis's Woodpeckers are nesting in the lower part of Oak Creek Canyon on Hwy 12 just west of Yakima. It is comprised of oak woodlands. Last year I counted nearly 30 of them in only about an hour. This was in a strech of about 3/4th of a mile along the road. This August I counted 15-18 in the same area. And this was in about 30 minutes in the middle of the day. I didn't do a through count by any strech of the imagination. So I would second Wilson's comments about the birds nesting in oak woodlands.

Roger Moyer
Chehalis, WA

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Wayne Weber wrote in part: Although there are good numbers in winter in oak-woodland parts of Klickitat County, my impression is that they don’t breed in those areas. (Somebody please correct me if I’m wrong!) I know there are good numbers that breed around Fort Simcoe (Yakima Co.), but I’m not sure if they winter regularly in that locality.
Wayne and Tweeters,

Lewis's Woodpeckers do nest in the Klickitat County oak woodlands, I have found numerous nests sites over the years.

Wilson Cady
Washougal, WA

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