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Steve, tweets,

The huge flock at Tokeland is a relatively recent development, as I'm quite
sure they were scarcely noted there until perhaps the 1980s. Has anyone done
a detailed history of the build-up there? These groups further north likely
reflect the same trend.

The Willets we've come to expect at Tokeland are also recent. There were
virtually no Washington records of Willets prior to the mid-1970s. I made a
mad dash over-night to the North River delta to add Willet to my state list
in 1976 (having lived here since 1972).

Gene Hunn

Lake Forest Park, WA

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Greetings All

For the last decade, Marbled Godwits have been regular in the Dungeness Bay
area (adding Port Williams, adjacent to Sequim Bay), into the mix.

I remember how shocked I was on 11 (I think I have the number right)
wintered at Port Williams about 13-15 years ago. Over the last 7-10 years,
they've been found regularly (often wintering, again, from memory) in
numbers from a couple to nearly 20.

We had the 13 MAGOs between the 3 Crabs and what was formerly known as
Oyster Bay (just to the west, now a state park), and though happy to see
them, they were not beyond the realm of what I've come to expect there.


Steve Mlodinow

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