[Tweeters] OT question about attracting birds

Nancy sday13 at comcast.net
Thu Oct 7 09:58:44 PDT 2010

I hope this is allowed. We just moved into a mobile home park off Maple Valley Highway. I see birds around the park on other streets but not our street. Every morning I hear both Pileated and Flicker Woodpeckers (the same sounds as our previous home). I have had suet hanging for 3 weeks with no activity.

I am not yet set up to put out seed. I'm disabled and will need more to be built first before I can put out the hanging things that were so popular at our last home. I could scatter it on the driveway but haven't tried.

My question would be suggestions on attracting the birds to actually come into our part of the park. Do you think a birdbath would help? We have a hillside above us that is forested. I've observed Swallows and Crows pretty close. And once saw Mourning Doves out along the Hwy.

Hoping for old friends: Chickadees, Junco, Stellar Jay, Finch and Woodpecker (we had a few miles from here).
Renton, WA
sday13 at comcast.net

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