[Tweeters] Marbled Godwits

Steven Mlodinow sgmlod at aol.com
Thu Oct 7 06:09:03 PDT 2010

Greetings All

For the last decade, Marbled Godwits have been regular in the Dungeness Bay area (adding Port Williams, adjacent to Sequim Bay), into the mix.
I remember how shocked I was on 11 (I think I have the number right) wintered at Port Williams about 13-15 years ago. Over the last 7-10 years, they've been found regularly (often wintering, again, from memory) in numbers from a couple to nearly 20.

We had the 13 MAGOs between the 3 Crabs and what was formerly known as Oyster Bay (just to the west, now a state park), and though happy to see them, they were not beyond the realm of what I've come to expect there.

Steve Mlodinow

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