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With the following derivation: From Latin recrudescere to become raw again, from re- + crudescere to grow worse, from crudus bloody, raw; see crude

...the phrase "autumnal recrudescence of the amatory urge" takes a definitively pejorative view of concupiscence. Recrudescence is usually used in reference to disease pathologies which reappear after a period of remission. It sounds like this phrase was coined by someone with a distinctly Puritanical perspective...

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It's the autumnal recrudescence of the amatory urge. Everyone who doesn't know the word can look up recrudescence. It refers to the development of the gonads in this case, which is of course the cause of all this seeming breeding behavior. As Bud said, it will go away soon.


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Hi everyone,

Last year at the fall WOS conference, I learned the "technical term" for this from Dennis Paulson, my apologies as I am pretty sure I will mangle it. Autumnal resurrection of the amatory urge. Yesterday I heard sapsucker drumming and recently saw a starling "shopping" for a nest site.

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