[Tweeters] Acorn Woodpecker and Black Bear photos from Fort Simcoe

Denny Granstrand dgranstrand at gmail.com
Fri Oct 8 21:48:04 PDT 2010

Hi Tweeters,

I visited Fort Simcoe in Yakima County this morning, searching for the
Acorn Woodpecker found by Kerry Turley on Sunday, and for Black Bears
that have been visiting the park for the past six weeks or so. I
found both, or all, after several hours of searching. The woodpecker
was quite reluctant to have it photo taken but the bears were very

I have put new photos from my morning at Fort Simcoe in the new photos
folder on my website - a distant photo of the Acorn Woodpecker,
Western Scrub-Jay and the Black Bears. The Black Bears were the
thrill of the day!

I hope you enjoy seeing them.

Denny Granstrand

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Denny Granstrand
Yakima, WA
dgranstrand AT gmail.com
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