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Michael Hobbs BirdMarymoor at frontier.com
Sun Oct 10 21:18:52 PDT 2010

Sorry to bother Tweeterdom with WOS business, but with so many people changing email addresses lately, I'm hoping this will be excused and will save WOS some money.

The Washington Ornithological Society will be printing a new edition of the Membership Directory this year, replacing the 2007 edition.

The directory is a listing of our members, and is to be used only for personal non-commercial use by members of the society. It is available only to current members of the society, and may not be purchased separately.

For the 2010 edition, we would like to list cell phone numbers, as that is the way many of us communicate these days. Previously, we have listed home and work phones. But for this edition, we will print up to 2 telephone numbers per member, and you should indicate the category (H, W, C) of each number that you would like to have

Additionally, each member may list an email address.

As always, you control what information you'd like listed in the directory.

A full entry would consist of your name, street address, city, email address, and up to 2 telephone numbers. A minimal entry would list only your name and city. You may choose not to be listed at all.

If you are a WOS member, and did NOT receive an email from me during the last few months (I've been bad, and I've gone birding instead of working on this, so I'm way behind schedule), I will be mailing out letters to confirm your upcoming listing. Each of these costs about $1 for WOS, so I would like to avoid sending ones unnecessarily.

So if you could email me the listing you'd like in the directory, it will avoid me needing to send you a letter. If you already responded to my previous emails, I've already made the corrections, and you don't need to email again.

DO NOT REPLY TO TWEETERS - Send your email to BirdMarymoor at frontier.com

My listing, just for an example, will be as follows:

Michael & Janka Hobbs
13506 NE 66th St
Kirkland, WA 98033
425-869-2370 (H)
425-301-1032 (C)
Michael: BirdMarymoor at frontier.com
Janka: MJCT_Hobbs at msn.com

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