[Tweeters] 2 new, but common yard birds.

Vicki Biltz vickibiltz at msn.com
Mon Oct 11 12:29:55 PDT 2010

Hi, Last spring of course I had the Rose-Breasted Grosbeak. It would be hard to top that. But I have enjoyed the fact that last week mourning doves have started showing up in the front flower beds; and today a Scrub Jay was feeding in the back yard. I have had very little food out, since there are other thinks they are eating right now. I have lost track of the number of yard birds I have, my list was misplaced several years ago, when we remodeled our home. The first Scrub Jay I saw in Bonney Lake was about 12, or more years ago (before Dennis Paulson taught his last Master Birder class in Tacoma). And it was just one, the one time.
Happy Birding!

Vicki Biltz
Bonney Lake, Wa
vickibiltz at msn.com

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