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Mon Oct 11 19:34:06 PDT 2010

As I previously posted on 10/7 I saw 20+ Ravens hunting Voles out in a mowed hayfield along the Lowell River Road. The following morning a similar number of Ravens were still at it. I watched one pecking at it's vole atop one of the Big White Plastic Hay Bags near the road. Wary birds- the nearest flew off as soon as I drove my truck up.

A bit later in the north end of Snohomish on the ridge overlooking the Pilchuck River and Hwy 2 I was out in a landscape clients yard when 6 or so Ravens rose up on a thermal to the east. At first they were soaring, then broke into a flight of pure fun - barrel-rolling and loop-de-doing all over as they passed overhead. Seemingly they were on course towards the 'vole field', which is about 3 miles away - but who knows.

A few minutes later a 'pair' of Ravens came up from the north. One was goofing about as the previous birds, the other sedately soaring. As they approached I realized that one of them was a Turkey Vulture. The Raven although close, was'nt really hassling the Vulture, just playing. It reminded me of "The Tortoise and the Hare" except with feathers. The playfull Raven contrasting with the sedate Vulture which, without a single wingbeat, soon passed on headed straight south. The Raven headed after his cohorts. Different strokes for different folks.

An hour later while driving past the 'Vole Field' I saw no Ravens. Only a single Great Blue Heron still as a stump out in the field - after voles too I assume.

Today (10/11) I drove by the field in the sunny and warm afternoon - no Ravens or Herons. But maybe in evening or morning they might be about. I'm still Raven rich this week!

Jeff Gibson, Everett Wa

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