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Tue Oct 12 05:59:50 PDT 2010

Dear Tweets;

There are a couple of Stellar Jays here who love to visit my feeders,
which are entirely too small for them to visit. I don't mind the
spray of seed or the knock at the window of the jostled feeder. The
Jays help spread seed under the feeders for ground feeding Juncos.
There are at least two Pink Sided Juncos in the current flock feeding
in my yard of about 20 Juncos. I haven't noticed as many squirrels
lately. This summer there were at least five squirrels here and they
became something of a nuisance. I cut back on the bird seed and
neglected to fill feeders for a month ( I likely had too many feeders
with five to fill. ) and the squirrels seem to have moved elsewhere.
In the past two months a dead wood snag has fallen over in the green
zone. So late in the summer I doubt that there were any birds taking
up residence in the cavity, but I am going to miss the tall dead snag
and the hopes of seeing a resident. I have not seen Black Capped
Chickadees or even crows lately, which I found odd. I have noticed
something eating my corn right off of the stalk, however. Last week a
large flock of European Starlings swarmed at the pond and in
frequently I hear a couple of low flying geese headed North of North

Thurston County
yelmbackyard at gmail.com

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