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Apparently some Sandhill Cranes nest in ne Siberia. I presume these are
trans-Berengian migrants (i.e. they cross the Berring Sea in spring and
fall) but don't have any resources handy. Anybody know? Next question is
would a Siberian Crane be likely to end up in a flock of Sandhill Cranes
somewhere in eastern Asia?? If so it might end up migrating back across the
Berring Sea and then south w/ the Sandhill Cranes. Siberian Cranes are
apparently long distance migrants so this seems possible. Whooping Cranes
breed and winter well to our east so is almost as unlikely and there are
even fewer Whooping Cranes in the world than Siberian Cranes


On Tue, Oct 12, 2010 at 10:17 AM, Terry Gray <clgtlg at moscow.com> wrote:

> HI Everyone,


> Afterning looking up Siberian Crane. That species is also a very Rare

> Species. See: http://www.argalipark.com/siberian_crane.html .


> Terry


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> Siberian Crane is also largely white with black primaries. I think they

> may be noticeably larger than a Sandhill, but I don't have a reference at

> this time.


> Colby



> On Mon, Oct 11, 2010 at 8:47 PM, <rccarl at pacbell.net> wrote:


>> White crane + Black primaries = Whooping Crane


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>> Hello All,


>> To day I had off so MerryLynn and I once again visited the Blood Ponds and

>> again saw the sub-adult RUFF along with the Woodleys, larry Umthun, Lisa

>> Hill and Ron Louderback. Other birds of note were......


>> Hood Park


>> Yellow-rumped Warblers....200+

>> Red-breasted Nuthatch......2

>> Northern Flicker (Yellow shafted adult),,,1

>> Northern Flicker...................16 birds

>> Orange Crowned Warbler...3


>> Ice Harbor Dam


>> Western Grebe.........30 birds

>> Lesser Scaup............2

>> Sandhill Cranes.........50 birds all headed to the southwest

>> WHITE CRANE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,1ad. bird, in with the Sandhill Cranes. This

>> bird was 2500' up and we were able to get this flock in our scopes as they

>> circled. This is when we could see the white body, wings and long neck. The

>> black primaries were very clear, We stood there in awe and watched as this

>> bird circled with the Sandhills. From our perspective it looked about the

>> same size as the Sandhills it was with. We first detected these cranes from

>> the Sandhills calling as they crossed the Snake River.the only species we

>> considered is Whooping Crane. This white crane was in the lead position

>> until the flock began to break up as they circled after crossing the Snake

>> River off to our west and south. We called and alerted Nancy LaFramboise at

>> McNarY NWR, HQ. This was a crane and not a white pelican, snow goose or any

>> egret species. The black primaries were clear.


>> Fish Hook Park


>> Yellow rumped Warbler.....250+

>> Greater White-fronted Geese.....42 birds

>> Snow Geese.................................12 birds, flushed off Big Flat

>> HMU in Franklin Co. and flew low over the Snake headed south into Walla

>> Walla Co.

>> Sandhill Crane...............................220 birds over the park, all

>> calling. Came out of the northeast and Franklin Co.

>> Sharp-shinned Hawk....................2 birds

>> Merlin..............................................1 bird

>> Northern Flicker..............................18 birds


>> Well that is it for now. Sure would like to know where that white crane

>> ends up.

>> Later Mike Denny






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