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Tue Oct 12 12:49:39 PDT 2010


I would have to strongly disagree with enature.com's statement about Dark-eyed Jumcos not bathing. They are regulars at the artificial creek in our back yard. In my estimation the dirtiest bird in my neighborhood is the Bewick's Wren. In the several years since we made the creek we have had roughly 30-35 species bathing - but not until this year did I see a Bewick's Wrens use the creek, and it has only used it once. Some of the smallest birds such as Bushtits and Nuthatches seem to prefer to use the hanging birdbath to bathe or they come in when I'm watering the yard and let the sprinkler run over them. But those dirty little Bewick's Wrens seem really loathe to get wet, not that it has dampened my appreciation for them - they're still the best songster in our neighborhood and always fun to watch - dirty or not.

On the other hand, the thought just occured to me that maybe Bewick's Wrens don't *get* dirty, so that's why they don't need to bathe....

Jim Flynn
Seattle, WA

Jim Flynn
Seattle, WA
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