[Tweeters] The eagles have landed......in Edmonds

Bill Anderson billandersonbic at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 13 23:53:27 PDT 2010

After regularly photographing 7-8 different eagles in Edmonds last winter and
spring,  I have only seen one or two in town this summer.  Reports of recent
sightings of adults at Sunset Ave. and the Shell Creek spit raised my hopes
that some were back in town. 

As if on cue, guess who my son and I saw this afternoon perched in the raptor
tree at the fish hatchery grounds.  It appears that our local eagle pair, Patchy
& Bismark, are back in town after a long summer vacation.  I photographed them
from the fish hatchery grounds and the walkway at Pt. Edwards.    As we were on
the walkway, one of them flew past us towards the marina.

It tried to land on last season's regular perch, the mast of the "Avatar", but
the owner had installed something on the top of the mast to discourage eagles
from perching there.  Apparently he did not like cleaning the poop deck before
taking the boat out this summer.  Once again the eagle demonstrated that there
is nothing like a flyover of the marina to stir up a large cloud of gulls and

Back at the fish hatchery, the other eagle was still chillin' out on a branch of
the raptor tree.  When we were down to the marina to look for the first
eagle, the second one took off from the raptor tree and flew overhead. 

I caught up with both eagles watching the daily garbage train pass by on the
track below their favorite perch atop a tree on the bluff just past the off
leash dog beach.   One flew off before I got to the beach south of the dog park
for some good posin' shots of the one which remained behind.

Bill Anderson; Edmonds, WA.

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