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Hi Tweets and all:
I was down at Des Moines Marina mid-morning today. Beautiful sunshine and no wind. Tide was halfway in. Two HEERMANN'S GULLS were there, along w/ several California Gulls, and about 40 Gl-w and Gl-w hybrid gulls. Two Mew Gulls were perched on the water in the distance. A local told me the big salmon are in the marina now, and he watched a seal catch one yesterday. About 50 American Wigeon were perched on the water near the mouth of Des Moines Creek. They are getting good breeding color.
At about 9:30am, a PEREGRINE FALCON flew into the big tree on the bluff. Crows started to fly in, along w/ a Belted Kingfisher. They all perched above the falcon and called at it. The crows got so close above the falcon, the falcon would turn its head upside down to see them. I'm not sure if this bird is an adult or juvenile. It seemed to be molting, and lacked the very-dark streaks on the breast that a juv would have. The bird was fairly light in color, and was quite thin. The falcon remained perched. As I walked by the small foot bridge over the creek, a ANNA'S HUMMINGBIRD did 4 chirps and display dives in the sunshine. Out on the fishing pier, two SAVANNAH SPARROWS flew onto the pier and the railing near me.
There were about 30 or more DC Cormorants. I watched one corm. down a huge sculpin after it massaged it a bit. An adult GBH was on the jetty.
At 10:30am, the Peregrine flew out of the tree, and suddenly it was right over all the gulls and ducks on the water, swooping down on them and almost getting wet. Wow! The falcon did not catch anything, and flew over to a tree down near the houses on the beach.
I drove around to the back of Des M beach park, to the start of Des M Creek trail. It is completely paved now w/ asphalt. The opening ceremony for the completed trail was this week. The trail starts at Des Moines Beach, and goes over two miles gradually up to 200th St in SeaTac by Tyee Golf Course. I walked up the trail about 1/2 block, where the little birds like Golden-crnd Kinglets, chickadees, and some crows were mobbing something. About 50 feet off to the left a BARRED OWL was perched down in the fairly small trees. It was hard to see, but in the sunshine it was very-light gray and I could see its head as it looked about.The locals told me that 3 Bald Eagles had been in the area yesterday, but I didn't see them today.
It was a good morning at the beach.
Yours, Carol Schulz
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