[Tweeters] Ridgefield White-throated Sparrows and Slate-colored Junco

Tyler Hicks tyler_hicks at wsu.edu
Sat Oct 16 08:42:35 PDT 2010


I've had a few White-throated Sparrows in the Ridgefield area over the past week.

1 - Carty Unit, Ridgefield NWR, just over the railroad tracks in the blackberry thickets
1 - in a blackberry bramble along a footpath at the end of 8th St. Ct. in Ridgefield (one wintered here last year)
1 - at my feeders for the past three days

I've also had a male Slate-colored Junco at my feeders for the past few days. The range maps show them as occurring here but I rarely see them among the swarms of Oregon juncos.



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