[Tweeters] Scrub Jay

Toby Andrews my96ssdcm at comcast.net
Tue Oct 19 14:55:02 PDT 2010

Hello Tweets

I had my first Scrub Jay at my suet feeder today. I was inside and heard an unusal Jay type sound. Went outside and found the scrub Jay. My yard list is now at 50, 42 in yard and 8 flyovers. On another note, my neighbors have a Sumac tree, every fall I look forward to having about 20 Band-tailed Pigeons comsuming it's berries, which they did a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday, there were 9 Northern Flickers in the tree along with a few Robins cleaning up what the pigeons had left.
First time I had seen the Flickers eating berries.

Toby Andrews
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