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My wild guess would be "ID" - International District?


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On Thu, Oct 21, 2010 at 12:49 PM, Leah Lee <LeahL at seattleaudubon.org> wrote:

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> Speaking of Western Scrub Jays, there's been quite a few who have recently

> moved in to my neighborhood - and they appear to be making themselves quite

> comfortable! I’m just up from the ID and near the I-90 bridge. My neighbor

> tells me that a few have lived on his block for the past year. This is the

> first year that they’ve moved across the street to my house. One has taken

> to regularly visiting my suet feeder, much to the dismay of the chickadees

> and sparrows. I've caught "him" trying to open it twice and now have rigged

> it so that it's hopefully Scrub Jay Safe. Beautiful birds.




> Leah Lee


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