[Tweeters] Re: Scrub Jays, Seattle

Leah Lee LeahL at seattleaudubon.org
Thu Oct 21 12:49:38 PDT 2010

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Speaking of Western Scrub Jays, there's been quite a few who have
recently moved in to my neighborhood - and they appear to be making
themselves quite comfortable! I'm just up from the ID and near the I-90
bridge. My neighbor tells me that a few have lived on his block for the
past year. This is the first year that they've moved across the street
to my house. One has taken to regularly visiting my suet feeder, much
to the dismay of the chickadees and sparrows. I've caught "him" trying
to open it twice and now have rigged it so that it's hopefully Scrub Jay
Safe. Beautiful birds.

Leah Lee

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