[Tweeters] black phoebes Clark Co, WA

Randy and Elaine Hill re_hill at q.com
Fri Oct 22 21:20:47 PDT 2010

I'll add that Bachelor Slough is open to boats, and the way the phoebes seem
to be hanging close by that might be the best opportunity to see them, from
a canoe or kayak. One was seen flying over the bridge around 4:15 pm, and
was seen earlier on the bridge and perched on a low snag just above the

Another Bachelor Island view this afternoon was five species of geese in one
feeding flock. In addition to Canada and Cackling Geese there were 4
White-fronted Geese, about 30 Snow Geese, and one Ross's Goose. These birds
can be quite mobile and show up on the River S Unit at Ridgefield (where
other white-fronts were seen), up by Woodland, or across the Columbia River
at Sauvie Island.

Randy Hill


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Normally I do not post birds found in the areas closed to the public but I
feel these birds will soon be heading towards Portland/Vancouver along the
river. This morning Randy Hill found a single bird and later this afternoon
I returned to the site and found two black phoebes. They are along Bachelor
Slough and if they continue to head south they will hit the river. Hope
they do and others will be able to see them.

Bob Flores

Ridgefield, WA

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