[Tweeters] King Eiders, Alki Point?

Gary Smith gsmith at smithandstark.com
Sun Oct 24 12:28:49 PDT 2010


Some 'odd ducks' flying by Alki Point today. Most interesting, by far,
would be what seems to fit King Eider:

This morning around 11 am, I put the binos on three ducks flying south in
the rain and wind. 1 male in front of 2 females; the females had sandy gray
bodies, wings slightly darker than body color, but not otherwise remarkable.
The other seems to fit an adult male in basic plumage: a dark bird overall ,
especially its wings and back, but with a white block/patch forward in
secondaries (area of upperwing coverts); its head and breast were darkish --
no signs of white plumage.

Any thoughts on that? Would there be a more common species that could fit
into those observations?

Also this morning, three Ruddy Ducks flying south. Not unusual in their
customary places, but Alki Point isn't one of them, might be a "yard" first.

Yesterday afternoon, could have sworn I heard a Raven calling in the
neighborhood; went looking but couldn't find it. We're only a couple miles
north of Lincoln Park where they have been seen on occasion, so it doesn't
seem too hard to imagine.

Yesterday morning, Bald Eagles back in the neighborhood after their
customary seasonal absence. Fun to have the first two bird calls you hear
when you step out the door in the morning be an Eagle and a Black-capped
Chickadee. I then noticed the crows were much more stirred up than normal.
The eagle of their ire was not on its usual perch on the bluff Madrona
overlooking the Lighthouse, but rather, deep in a Doug Fir down-slope.
Perhaps it had captured something.

Good birding to you all.

Gary T. Smith

Alki Point, Seattle

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