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Connie -- MaryFrances is the one to know. But I felt perhaps some further clarification...because the original question did not mention which N-S walk was being specifically referred to (and actually all 3 accesses run mostly N-S). The Causeway is the big one furthest east, closest to the highway; the Middle Boardwalk is the access in the middle, next west of the Causeway; and then the furthest west one is the West Boardwalk. This is an amazing birding area, glad to see care is being taken to describe it accurately, thanks!

As for the "Lynx" -- ahhh, the Media...the same people who brought you a report about Pit Bulls years ago, illustrated by footage of a black Laborador Retriever!! My box of salt grains is never far from the TV...

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> Hi Connie,


> We refer to that boardwalk as the West Boardwalk. The other is often called

> the Middle Boardwalk, even though the third is actually the Causeway. Hope

> this helps.


> MaryFrances Mathis

> Kirkland

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