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I think that is a Red Phalarope. I checked the photo because I thought it was very likely that a phalarope seen this late in the season would be Red rather than Red-necked. Whenever the late fall storms arrive, they seem always to bring Red Phalaropes off the ocean. The bill on Red-necked is even finer, and in that plumage (first winter/first basic), Red-necked has more patterned upperparts.

And what's with the rabid political ad on Photobucket? Is that the norm for such photo sites? That would disturb me no matter which party was responsible.


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> Hi all,


> We went to Westport today to do a little storm watching. We were suprised to see as many birds as we did. I thought they would have taken cover from the waves and wind.  There were lots of waives - with water running down a couple of streets and wind blowing spray around.


> We were surprised to see as many brown pelicans as we did. I thought they would have headed south by now. I can't even count how many there were probably 100 or so at least. In the marina we saw several common loons probably taking a little rest from the storm.  We also saw pelagic cormorants, DC cormorants, surf scooters, heermann's gulls. Â


> We saw several groups of shore birds that were probably dunlin. It was too nasty out to try and ID them! Our surprise for the day was a couple of red-necked phalaropes . They were in a pond near the parking lot at the end of Jetty Haul Rd.


> Here's a picture of one of the phalaropes:


> http://s255.photobucket.com/albums/hh152/DDLewis1/?action=view&current=phalarope-1.jpg


> Have a good week


> D Lewis


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