[Tweeters] Dumas Bay Birding

Mark & Adele maamfree at comcast.net
Tue Oct 26 16:03:11 PDT 2010


I took a friend down to Dumas Bay in Federal Way this afternoon. Plenty of ducks in the area, but not all were in the shelter of the bay as I had hoped. Fortunately I had my scope. A large flotilla of Scoters 300 were out in the deep waters just outside the bay. Most looked like Surf from the distance. Too far for my scopes view. Closer in
100 American Wigeon,
12 Green-wing Teal,
6 Mallard
2 Double Crescent Cormorant
1 Dunlin
3 Killdeer
3 Belted Kingfisher
10 Mew Gull
3 Bonaparte's Gull
5 Crow

Adele Freeland
Federal Way WA
maamfree at comcast.net

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