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Fri Oct 29 07:53:51 PDT 2010

Hi Tweets and all:
Wed, Oct 27. Des Moines Marina and Des M Creek. 10:30am to approx. 1:30pm. Clear weather for a change.
Marina at 10:30. Just after high tide, and tide still high. Marina was quiet, but there were 2 FOS (First of Season) brown Common Goldeneyes near the mouth of the creek.
DM Creek - I walked up the new DM Creek trail about 1 mile to the footbridge, and it was quiet. No salmon running yet in high-water (but clear) creek. Lots of foam in the creek, which is assume is caused by algae. I learned about the algae foam recently on the news, because the foam was reported on Lake WA. On my way up the trail I heard at least 5 different chirps by Anna's Hummer males doing display dives. A few Yel-rumped Warblers called.
Marina - Back down at the beach and marina about 1:05, the ducks and gulls were arriving. Rhino Auklet - 1 FOS. 2 Common Goldeneye were still there. Red-breasted Merganser female - 1 FOS. Calif. Gulls - 30. Mew Gulls - 10. Lots (50?) GW Gulls and hybrids.
The Olympics had lots of snow.

Thurs, Oct 18. Drizzle and rain.
Tukwila Pond just south of Southcenter Mall. A real hot spot this fall, w/ many Myrtle Yellow-rumped Warblers starting from right in the parking area near Target. Take the road (no name) that turns south from Strander at the big sign pointing to Tukwila Park. It is one block east of So. Center Parkway at the light, next to Simply Thai restaurant which is awesome. Turn south and park along in there. Another entrance is from a big shopping parking area on Southcenter Pkway. Half Price books is there. Toys R Us used to be there, but has moved farther south on So. Center pkway. Drive all the way to the back of the lot to enter the park. There is a restroom, two overlooks to the pond, and lots of plantings including myrtle bushes that bring in the Yel-r Warblers.
1:45 pm. Drizzle. Yellow-rumped Warblers, all Myrtle - 50. Insects were flying. Waterfowl incl. Ruddy Duck - 25, Ring-necked Duck - 25, N. Shovelers - 26, and two pair of beautiful Hooded Mergansers. 8 Cedar Waxwings flew. 6 PB Grebes. Coots - 25.

Later. Boeing Pond. 4:30pm. Drizzle. I walked in from the blocked-off 62nd Ave side. A juv Red-tailed Hawk flew through. There was a first-year NORTHERN SHRIKE there doing little-looping flights up from the pond willows. It looked like it was fly catching. Then it chased a House Finch, but was unsuccessful. It flew off after about 5 minutes. A few Yel-rumped Warblers called near the beaver lodge. The water in the pond is very high. There were about 40 Ring-necked Ducks, and 3 Hooded Mergansers, along w/ a few other species of ducks and waterbirds. It was pretty quiet, so I went to S 204th St.

S. 204th - 5:10pm. Drizzle. The fields are flooded both to the south and to the north of S 204th. There were many dabbling ducks on both sides including about 16 Northern Pintails. I didn't linger and didn't use a scope.
To reach Boeing Ponds, and S 204th, see www.rainieraudubon.com. Click on Local Birding Information. Then click on Kent Ponds, and on Boeing Ponds. (maps on this website by Charlie Wright)

Yours, Carol Schulz
Des Moines
carol.schulz50 at gmail.com

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