[Tweeters] Loons etc. in the Nisqually area

Guttman,Burt GuttmanB at evergreen.edu
Fri Oct 29 17:50:32 PDT 2010

This afternoon I went over to the Nisqually Reach center, northwest of the Refuge, to take a quick look at birds on the Sound. Not much doing yet, and so many of the birds are out of practical range of even my good scope, but there are lots of Scoters, mostly Surf, some Buffleheads, various grebes, and several loons. Most of them were Common Loons, but at least two were Pacific Loons. (Very frustrating to watch diving birds. I thought the Obama administration was going to force them to stay on the surface for longer times, but you know how these politicians make a lot of promises and then don't do anything.)

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