[Tweeters] Re: Color Banded Cooper's Hawk in Central District(Anne Jacobs)

Jack Bettesworth jgbett at comcast.net
Sat Oct 30 09:27:13 PDT 2010

Anne Jacobs was able to confirm there was an engraved line between the 4 and
A on the color band, which was important for me to know the exact ID of this
bird. Otherwise the details of the bird and bands were precise and complete,
just what I need - please see www.wos.org under "research" for other
sightings report details needed for this and other studies.

This bird, aka "4-line-A", is one of 208 Cooper's Hawks that I have color
banded over the last 8 years hoping to gain some insight into Winter Site
Fidelity and Nesting Ecology, primarily in the Seattle area (detailed
results were presented at a WOS monthly meeting last winter). Each fall and
winter, over the last 15 years or so, I get several calls to rescue raptors
from warehouses and "4-line-A" is one of those birds. She, a juvenile
female, is really part of two studies because of the circumstances: My color
banding study and also Bud Anderson's study at SEATAC (see Bud's tweeters
post on Sept. 30, 2010). I captured this bird inside a Fed-Ex warehouse at
SEATAC airport on Sept. 17, 2010 and, in this case, we decided to release
her the same day on the west side of Queen Anne Hill in Seattle (~13miles
N.) instead of on the Samish Flats. Now, 45 days later, it is likely that
she has settled into a loose hunting territory which includes this present
sighting location around 16th and Madison, about 3.5mles SE from her release
point. "4-lineA" had been in the warehouse for about a day when she was
captured. At that time I rated her wing-pit fat as low, which might be an
indication that she was not being particularly successful hunting on her
own. So, this is really good news that she is still hanging in there; she
may well be among the 1 out of 4 or 5 juveniles that make it beyond one year
of age if she can make it through the winter successfully.

I have encouraged Anne to report any additional sightings and would be
pleased to hear about other sightings from any other tweeters followers. If
you post your sightings to tweeters please also send a copy to my personal
email address.

FYI, examples of the need for details of the bands and results of sightings
reports: "4overA" (without a line between the characters) was banded as a
juvenile 2/19/2004 and multiple re-sightings of her showed that she was a
breeding adult for 5 successive years in Discovery Park. Her last sighting
was on 1/31/2010, into her 8th calendar year of life. Another bird, fledged
from a Seattle nest, showed up near Lake Tahoe 2 months after fledging.

Thanks again Anne and to you others that made sure I was aware of the
tweeters posting.


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