[Tweeters] Ocean Shores yesterday 10-30

Ruth Sullivan godwit513 at comcast.net
Sun Oct 31 14:47:45 PDT 2010

Hello Tweeters,
I decided to going again to the Ocean,since we had such great day last
week.Also looking for a Sharp-tailed Sandpiper (is on my list)
Started at Vance Creek to use the bathroom,but also despite the rain and
wind had some nice birds coming out for me.
Surprise where the 2 female Canvasback Ducks on the big Lake,AND 2
California Gulls.
Green Heron 1
Golden crown Sparrow 15
Oregon Junco 12
Fox Sparrow 2,
Song Sparrow 4 ,
Scrub Jay 1
Pacific Wren
Northern Flicker 1,
Yellow rumped Warbler 1
There where 2 Wood Ducks in the Creek

On the way to Aberdeen highway 12 ,a Boneparte's Gull was on the left lane
sitting down,Its head up.I turned around to maybe rescue this Gull.but it
turned out he flew off,since he was not crushed by a car.

My first stop in Ocean Shores was on Bills Spit,where all the many Ducks
where A. Wigeon on the edges of the bay 2.000,I was taken my scope to see
if there maybe a Eurasian Wigeon would be among this big group.
There also where a solid group of all Dunlin feeding 750 birds.This was
the only big group of Shorebirds I had in Ocean Shores ,that also going for
the 12 Black-bellied Plovers.

Next I went to the Ocean Shores Marina ,2 species only,CLARKS GREBE ,and a
female Red-breasted Merganser.

Since The tide was so high with wind blowing I parked my car across the
watertower on the new Parking area.I hiked all the way to the big Canal
what separates the Wetlands.There was plenty beach where Shorebirds could
Deserted even by the Peregrine and the Northern Harrier,who patrolled this
big area when all the Shorebirds was there.The only birds I had on the long
hike was 1 A. PIPIT on the long walk back in the debris from the high tide

Checked the canal on the Watertower:

Mallard Ducks 2
female Hooded Merganser 1
female Greater Scaup ,

Next to the Sewage Ponds,I was restricted looking to the fence,could only
see on the other side.
Northern Shoveler 15, Female Greater Scaup 2, Female Green-winged Teals 2,
Adult Heering Gull 1
Also Brown Pelican in large numbers flying to the Sewage Ponds,(for some
reason turning around flying back to the Jetty 350 birds

Walking behind the Sewage pond to the big Tower,
Here I had a nice surprise PACIFIC GOLDEN PLOVERS 2 ,close by where Least
Sandpipers 7,with 3 Dunlin.

Next Point Brown Jetty.
It was deserted by people,the wind really got strong here,but the Rockbirds
where right on the bottom of the beach.
where several juvenile HEERING GULLS.

On the way on Ocean Shore BVLD ,there where 2 Ring-necked Pheasant (on the

Walk in to the Ocean
75 Canada Geese flying overhead,on the beach 25 Sanderling

It was a great day and having good weather gear really helps

Cheers Ruth Sullivan

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