[Tweeters] New High- quality, Animated Movie With Owls in a Theater Near you very Soon

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Thu Sep 9 03:14:48 PDT 2010

Hello Tweeters Community,

Perhaps even more interesting than the other bird movie recently discussed, the animators who produced "Happy Feet", a very successful movie with Penguins as the animated actors, have made another, which I speculate will have positive affects on the youth of America and other countries in regard to their developing views of wildlife, birds, preservation of our remaining environments and the beauty of our natural world: "Legend of the guardians". In dramatic form and excellent quality animation, the film will highlight several species of Owls. I look forward to seeing it.

For movie trailer, see: http :// legendoftheguardians . warnerbros .com/

Best regards,
Dan Reiff
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