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I have seen Barred Owls doing much the same thing at the entrance to the Manchester State Park outside of Port Orchard, WA. After watching them hop around from place to place I commented about it to the head park ranger. She told me she has seen them capture moles, especially at night. The speculation is they can hear the movement just below the surface and are attracted to it, hopping a meal is about to present itself. Perhaps the Bend activity is much the same.

Doug Hudson
Bremerton, WA

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Subject: [Tweeters] question about Great Horned Owls

A friend in Bend, Oregon, has been seeing Great Horned owls on the ground during the daylight hours, "just sitting there." More than one, she says, though they are not congregating. She has seen them mostly in treed areas around pastures.
Anyone have any idea what these birds are doing?
thank you!

Seattle, Washington
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