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Mon Sep 20 16:06:25 PDT 2010

Hello Tweeters,
I start with the 3 PACIFIC GOLDEN PLOVERS on Sarturday starting at 7,30
I enter the game range from Tonquin,looking around,there was no Shorebirds
at site,keep on walking to the left and to the other side,Shorebirds start
flying in manly all peeps.It was almost on the end,and since it was a dark
morning with dark clouds hanging the vision was pure.I spotted a bigger bird
few feet away in shallow water ,I noticed the long legs than I realized
that this was a Pacific Golden Plover,I took quite few photos,when I notice
there where 2 more of the same species.All the sudden there start calling
loud chu-wheet one bird at the time,after around 6 times all three flew off.
Hopeful the pictures I took can be lighten a little.
I started at Damon Point ,right where the old Toilets are there is a little
tree taller than the bushes I saw a PALM WARBLER, it flew in to the bushes
in the campsite,by the time I went in to the campground ,could not locate
this bird,The rest of this hike I wrote up yesterday,and Katharine went
yesterday looking for the Red-throated Loon,but no Loon found.Hopefull he is
still living and well.

As I already mention in my last post that I spend 3 full days birdying
in Ocean Shores.
,was still in Tokeland at the Marina among the big group of Marbled Godwit's
& Willet's.

Friday real early I visiting the Game Range exit from Tonquin off Marine
View Drive.I had a quick look at 2 Pacific Golden Plovers returning from the
big Canal who devide the 2 Oyehood Game Range,Besides the Golden Plovers
there was nothing new for me, one of the Stilt Sandpipers was still there.I
run in to Terry Little ,and was surprised how good he knows his Shorebirds
,since this is the first time I believe is the first time he visiting this
area.I am happy to met him ,he was great company.
I also run in to an old and well know birder Bob Woodly,I was so surprised
after many years not seeing him, he looks the same and Bob is in good spirit
Birds seeing there where:Stilt I already mention, Pectoral 5 birds,
Dowitcher species ( NO SCOPE) 10 birds,Western & Least Sandpiper 100 Birds,
Red Phalarope 12 birds,Green-winged Teals 75 birds & Canada Geese 30

Friday afternoon I spend on the other side Exit behind from the Sewage ponds
There is a trail leading to the beach ,where you turn left
Nothing worth writing on the ponds. below on the beach where the Tower is
there where 8 Semipalmated Plovers,with 4 Western Sandpipers,
1 Greater Yellowlegs
Walking the beach where the Wetlands are had NO Shorebirds at all,but this
place you can find in past years high count on Sharp tailed Sandpipers
and both species of Golden Plovers in SALLYCORNIA? HABITAT (spelling right)
But among large amount of bright looking Savannah Sparrows I found 1 bright

Cheers Ruth Sullivan

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