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Angela Percival angela at stillwatersci.com
Tue Aug 9 12:53:39 PDT 2011

There are many well-established domestic breeds of duck, just as there
are chickens.

Your bird looks like a Duclair or Black Swedish
"It is easy to get black ducks with a white dewlap by crossing Rouen
type ducks with black or white breeds. It is then necessary to select
the ducks obtained to get subjects which will conform to the standard."

Here is a fun site on what the Brits call "Manky Mallards"
And a related site on wild duck hybrids

Angela Percival
Angela at stillwatersci dot com
Olympia, WA

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Now, you might ask, why would identifying a Duck be difficult? Well,
because I
can't find a picture that looks like this one that has ID information.
are some images:


>From looking around via Google, I think this is some Mallard/Domestic

cross, but
I figured I'd ask here for some ID help just so I understand this a bit
This was from the Everett boat ramp a few weeks ago.

Thanks in advance.

Bill Dewey

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