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Sun Aug 14 19:55:46 PDT 2011

Hello Birders,

Yesterday (Saturday) we went to Spencer Island and traipsed around for a couple of hours. It was an interesting little trip. We saw some Yellowlegs, they might have been the Greater Yellowlegs at the pond before entering the island. At that same spot we watched 4 Eastern Kingbird come in and land in two trees. I was surprised to see them around here. On the first pond just beyond the parking lot there must have been at least 100 bullfrogs in all sizes - the very same spot that had a lot of Marsh Wrens, busy building nests, when we were there a couple of months ago. Other than that we did hear quite a few Marsh Wrens and saw at least a Great Blue Heron on just about every pond and lots of Canada Geese. The ducks on the water-works pond on the left by the entrance included 4 Ruddy Ducks and 6 Ring-billed ducks, a pair of Skaup and the rest were Mallards. We saw and heard many of the typical birds, but nothing else out of the ordinary. We watched 3 River Otters play in the small river.
Happy Birding!
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