[Tweeters] Magnuson Park, 18 Aug 2011

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Thu Aug 18 11:40:13 PDT 2011

Gorgeous day at the park, but took a while for birds to get active. Lots of
young passerines, but distribution is changing.

Barn Owl - 1 at 2nd Tower window (male) with a juve calling from inside;
another (female) cruising meadow
Common Yellowthroat - 3 chupping
Orange-crowned Warbler - ratty-looking, with BCCH
Gadwall - family with very young brood
Band-tailed Pigeon - 3 flying over Promontory
Swallows - only a handful of Barn and Cliff remain
Vaux's Swift - 5 very high
Anna's Hummingbird - 13 including 2 groups of 3; several were chasing any
bird that came close (crows, robins, etc.)
Willow Flycatcher - 3 heard only, whitting only
Double-crested Cormorant - 4 flying uplake

Oh, and Budgie is still present, singing loudly, in same location as last

Scott Ramos

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