[Tweeters] Russian Far East, Corkindale Least Fly, and other photos posted

Scott Atkinson scottratkinson at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 23 13:10:00 PDT 2011


I've got a long, long way to go as a photographer, but I wanted
to show 'ol Dennis P. that I'm doing my best to get with the
program. Carol Riddell inspired me to buy a point-and-shoot
(10 x zoom, 32 megapixel, 35mm), so Carroll, here's what
I've managed so far:

Least Flycatcher from Corkindale last spring
Russian Far East birds from one of two business trips this year

At: http://www.flickr.com/photos/14115261@N05/?saved=1

You can find a lot of flaws in the material, but at least they're
coming out a bit better than the shots attempted earlier
through the scope!

Russian Far East birding 2011 was terrific in April (120 species,
Vladivostok north to Blagoveshchensk) but not so much in July
(66 species, Sakhalin I.), with a few interesting species found
at Inchon in the ROK on the way back from the latter trip. It
must be said these were not directed birding trips, but birding
squeezed in early morns/late eves here and there (but I did
have a full weekend in mid-April). Was lucky enough to end
up in the field for the first time in years with Vitaly Nechaev,
who has contributed by far the best (in this observer's view)
publications on RFE birds' range and distribution. He is still
hanging in there at the Vlad branch of the Acad. of Sciences
and has still another publication out, along with a new
journal release.

FYI, have been noting a few YELLOW WARBLERS starting to
pass through Tiny's Land in n. Lake Stevens, and down in
Discovery Park also.

Scott Atkinson
Lake Stevens
mail to: scottratkinson at hotmail.com

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