[Tweeters] Birding the shores of Greece and Turkey

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I was on a cruise to the same area recently and used the 2nd Ed Birds of
Europe described below, along with "Birds of the Mediterranean, A
Photographic Guide" by Paul Sterry. I found the two together quite useful -
the smaller photo guide when I was out and about, and the larger, more
definitive guide as backup and reference in my stateroom.

I second the Bosphorus Strait advice. If you have any ability at all to take
a small boat trip through the straits, do it. I went in misty, cloudy,
near-dusk weather and still saw lots of great birds. The cruises usually
offer them if you are stopping in Istanbul, or you can find many tour guides
offering them down by the cruise docks. - Teresa Michelsen, Olymipa

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take a look at the 2nd edition, Birds of Europe (2009, Mullarney &
Zetterstrom). It is in the new Princeton Field Guide Series. It covers a
larger area than what you are looking for, but I like this new series they
are putting out.....

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Don't miss the migration across the Bosporus north of Istanbul. It's


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We're going on a cruise out of Greece this fall with stops in Athens, Crete,
Greek Islands, Rhodes, Turkish Coast, Istanbul. Any book recommendations
for a relatively new birder who has never been to that area before?
Probably needs to be in English.

(I searched Amazon and the Net for the "Compete Compact Field Guide to Birds
of the Eastern Mediterranean" - unfortunately it hasn't made it to the
publishers yet.)

Dick Porter

dick at dkporter.net <javascript:return>

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